Wow!What an amazing Polychloroprene

What is CAS 9010-98-4 Polychloroprene Polychloroprene CAS 9010-98-4 is a family of synthetic rubbers that are produced by the polymerization of chloroprene. polychloroprene exhibits good chemical stability and maintains flexibility over a wide temperature range. polychloroprene is sold either as solid rubber or...

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Lidocaine CAS 137-58-6

Lidocaine CAS 137-58-6: Medical Uses & Adverse Effects

General Introduction: Lidocaine CAS 137-58-6 Lidocaine cas 137-58-6, also known as lignocaine, is a local anaesthetic of the amino amide type. It is also used to treat ventricular tachycardia. When used for local anaesthesia or nerve blocks, lidocaine typically begins working within several minutes and lasts for half...

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Melanotan II

What is the Usage for Melanotan II?

Melanotan II is a synthetic analogue of the melanocortin peptide hormone alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone (alpha-MSH) that occurs naturally.

Boric acid

How does Boric acid CAS 11113-50-1 work?

Boric acid and its sodium salts can be used to control a wide variety of pests. These include insects, spiders, mites, algae, moulds, fungi, and weeds.


Sesamol Mechanism Of Action and Main Function

1. What is sesamol? Sesamol, together with its conjugated metabolites, is distributed in body tissues like the liver, brain, lungs as well as kidneys. When Sesamol is absorbed in the body, it protects DNA from damage and enhances DNA repair...

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Levamisole: Know How To Use Safely&Effectively

Levamisole, also named levamisole hydrochloride. It is a drug for removing intestinal worms and regulating biological reaction. Before using, you should know…

Boric Acid CAS 11113-50-1:All you need to know

What is Boric acid CAS 11113-50-1?How does Boric acid CAS 11113-50-1 work? What’s Boric acid suppositories used for? Boric acid CAS 11113-50-1 benefits & side effect. Where to buy Boric acid CAS 11113-50-1?

Dimethocaine/Larocaine: Know more about it now

Dimethocaine, also known as DMC or larocaine, is a compound with a stimulatory effect. However, Dimethocaine appears to be less potent than cocaine. We may need to know more about it before use it.

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