CAS 103-81-1 2-Phenylacetamide

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CAS 103-81-1 2-Phenylacetamide Description

Product Name: 2-Phenylacetamide
Synonyms: Benzeneacetamide;Ph-CH2-CO-NH2;2-phenyl-acetamide;2-Phenylacetamide;PHENYLACETAMIDE;α-Toluamide;EINECS 203-147-0;Phenylacetic acid amide;MFCD00059193;Acetamide,2-phenyl
CAS NO: 103-81-1
EINECS: 203-147-0
Molecular Formula: C8H9NO
Molecular Weight: 135.16
Melting Point: 156 °C
Boiling Point: 280-290 °C (dec.)
Density: 1.1031 (rough estimate)
Appearance: White powder
Storage: Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat sources.
Stability: Avoid contact with strong oxidants, strong acids, and strong bases.
Applications: 2-Phenylacetamide is used as a pharmaceutical intermediate.

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CAS 103-81-1 2-Phenylacetamide Usage

2-Phenylacetamide is used as a pharmaceutical intermediate.



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