CAS 107-10-8 Propylamine

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CAS 107-10-8 Propylamine  Product Description

Product Name: Propylamine
Synonyms: 1-Aminopropan;1-Amino-propan;1-Propylamine;Monopropylamine;n-C3H7NH2;Propanamine;Propylamin;n-Propylaminwe
CAS NO: 107-10-8
EINECS: 203-462-3
Molecular Formula: C3H9N
Molecular Weight: 59.1103
Melting point: 48 °C(lit.)
Boiling  Point: -83 °C
Appearance: colorless liquid
Storage: Store below +30°C
Solubility: soluble
Applications: Propylamine has been used in the synthesis of single crystals of siliceous ferrierite.

CAS 107-10-8 Propylamine Product Picture

Propylamine-cas 107-10-8 CAS 107-10-8 Propylamine

CAS 107-10-8 Propylamine Product Usage

1-Propylamine is used in chemical analysis and to make other chemicals, used as a solvent in organic synthesis. And it is used as finishing agent of drugs, paints, rubber, fiber, textile and resin. Additionally, it can be used as petroleum additive and preservative.


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