CAS 110-53-2 1-Bromopentane Supply

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CAS 110-53-2 1-Bromopentane Products Description

CAS 110-53-2 1-Bromopentane

Product Name: 1-Bromopentane
Synonyms: 1-bromo-pentan;1-Brompentan;1-Pentyl bromide;1-Pentylbromid;1-pentylbromide;n-C5H11Br;Pentane,1-bromo-;1-BROPMOPENTANE
CAS NO: 110-53-2
EINECS: 203-776-0
Molecular Formula: C5H11Br
Molecular Weight: 151.04
Melting point: −95 °C(lit.)
Boiling  Point: 130 °C(lit.)
Appearance: Clear colorless to light yellow Liquid
Storage: Flammables area
Solubility: H2O: insoluble
Applications: 1-Bromopentane is used in a multitude of organic synthesis. It is used in iron-catalyzed alkylations of aromatic Grignard reagents via cross coupling.


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CAS 110-53-2 1-Bromopentane Products Usage

1-Bromopentane is a chemical reagent used in a multitude of organic syntheses.


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