CR121 Neoprene

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CR121 Neoprene Product Description

Neoprene, also known as neoprene (English name: polychloroprene rubber; neoprene rubber). It is an elastomer prepared by homopolymerization or copolymerization with 2-chloro-1,3 butadiene as the main raw material. Abbreviated as Cr, the general structural formula is -(-ch2-c==ch-ch2-)-n

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CR121 Neoprene

CR121 Neoprene Usage

This product (CR121) is a dilute polychloroprene polymer with sulfur as a regulator. It has a medium crystallization speed, a density of 1.23, a beige color block, a pollution type, and good tear resistance.

and resistance to zone windup. It can be used in various rubber products, such as mineral cable sheath V-belts, timing belts, etc. This product is similar to the tank type of Dubie Company in the United States and the pm-40 neoprene rubber of Japan Denika Corporation.

CR121 neoprene: rubber products such as transmission belts, conveyor belts, wires and cables, oil-resistant rubber sheets, oil-resistant rubber hoses, and sealing materials


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